Iontophoresis against Sweating

electro-antiperspirant-sensitive-250x170Iontophoresis is a medical method which help to apply various medicine into the skin. Iontophoresis is most commonly used in cosmetics, in application of medicinal products into the skin, and in dermatology for removing excessive sweating. If you are interested in how iontophoresis can be used against sweating, you have to the right place. As antiperspirant, iontophoresis utilizes water molecules and the effects of controlled electric energy coming from the device named Electro Antiperspirant.

To stop the sweating at the beginning of the therapy, the device must be used exactly according to instructions. During this initial phase, iontophoresis has very powerful positive effects, and excessive sweating usually stops within one to two weeks of use. Once sweating stops, iontophoresis is used only sporadically so that it does not return. The so-called maintenance phase of the therapy means that Electro Antiperspirant is used approximately once a month. Iontophoresis against sweating was first introduced on the Czech market by the European company Hightech Development s.r.o. and it has earned get popularity among the many of its satisfied users and thousands of fans on social networks.