Iontophoresis in Households

Given that excessive sweating is a disease about which affected individuals often do not want to tell even their doctors, it might happen that it stays with them for the rest of their lives. Those who find the courage to tell usually find out their doctors cannot really help them. The usual arguments include: "Sweating is normal, it helps to remove harmful substances from the body. There is nothing you can do about this." These uncommon advices are not what you want to hear from your doctor. Yet it takes so little to make it all go away in a mere week. The device runs on AA batteries, so if you buy rechargeable ones and a charge, you won't need to pay extra money for the treatment.

You don't need to be an expert in the field of dermatology or a qualified technician to be able to use Electro Antiperspirant. The instructions for use are designed so that the device can be used by anybody who suffers from excessive sweating. And without having to attend a hospital or doctor. Don't forget to read contraindications. Electro Antiperspirant may not be used by people with pacemakers, pregnant women, and people with orthopaedic implants. If this does not concern you, basically you are out of the woods and free to use Electro Antiperspirant immediately.