Iontophoresis in Medicine

Since Electro Antiperspirant is an approved medical device and has passed the most stringent EMC tests, it is possible to use it not only in households but also in clinical settings. The device is not interfering with any nearby electrical equipment and presents a valid tool and clear choice for every doctor and therapist who needs to solve problems associated with excessive sweating in their patients.

Electro Antiperspirant is the only solution currently on the market which was able to help all patients in a clinical study. Thus, it has showed that iontophoresis is a valid tool to eliminate not only sweating but mainly the stress that accompanies this medical condition. In essence, Electro Antiperspirant helps twice – first in removing excessive sweating which make your social life very complicated and second in making you realize that sweating can no longer put you in awkward and unenviable situations. Iontophoresis is therefore recommended for all those who suffer from these problems and truly want to put an end to their suffering.