Using Iontophoresis

Iontophoresis can act against excessive sweating of the hands, feet, and armpits. Using special applicators, it can also help with the sweating of the head, back, and abdomen. Basically, iontophoresis, namely Electro Antiperspirant, can be used by anyone except for people with pacemakers or metal orthopaedic implants or by pregnant women. The age does not really matter – only children should use it under adult supervision to ensure that they complied with all the instructions contained in the Instructions for Use.

treatment-mix-240x160For sweating of the hands and feet, Electro Antiperspirant is used in a way that the limbs are put into containers with tap water into which the device conducts special weak electric current for a precisely specified period of time. Using the device is so simple that everybody can do it. For underarm sweating, the device is used to sweating a little differently – it is necessary to use special adapters connected to Electro Antiperspirant which are inserted them into the armpit. This ensures that iontophoresis can also counteract perspiration in this body part. In a similar way, iontophoresis can be applied against sweating of the face, abdomen, back, and of other areas to which our special adaptor can be applied.